I like you. And your face. And you. And I hope you have an fucking awesome day.
And if not, I hope you still find something nice in that day that makes you smile. Even if it's something silly or stupid or small. Cause you are fucking wonderful, and amazing and holy fuck, I kind of adore you. I wish you all the luck in the world. xoxo, Abi. .........................................................................................................

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friendly reminder that since it’s getting hot out, people of all sizes and genders can wear whatever they want to keep themselves cool and comfortable, and you are, under no circumstances, allowed to shame them or sexualize them for it.

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do you ever like randomly wake up in the middle of the night check your social networks then go back to sleep 

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Tiny little doodle thought sketchy sketch for a collage project thing yeah

Tiny little doodle thought sketchy sketch for a collage project thing yeah

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"Your mother did not raise you with a wolf in your chest so you could howl over losing a man."
— read this on here today and i haven’t stopped thinking about this quote since (via pluiedem)

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I’ve said this before and I’ll point it out again -

Menstruation is caused by change in hormonal levels to stop the creation of a uterine lining and encourage the body to flush the lining out. The body does this by lowering estrogen levels and raising testosterone.

Or, to put it more plainly “That time of the month” is when female hormones most closely resemble male hormones. So if (cis) women aren’t suited to office at “That time of the month” then (cis) men are NEVER suited to office.

If you are a dude and don’t dig the ladies around you at their time of the month, just think! That is you all of the time.

And, on a final note, post-menopausal (cis) women are the most hormonally stable of all human demographics. They have fewer hormonal fluctuations of anyone, meaning older women like Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren would theoretically be among the least likely candidates to make an irrational decision due to hormonal fluctuations, and if we were basing our leadership decisions on hormone levels, then only women over fifty should ever be allowed to hold office.


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Eat THAT, hormone-snipers!

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Testosterone levels are also higher (which is why you get more our of your workout when you do so during your period) so lol we handle assholes like you all the time and y’all can’t handle us and a little blood.

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My favorite Disney princess is Elizabeth Swann because rather than becoming a princess, she was like “nah, fuck that” and became a king instead.




a fucking pirate king at that

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What if the Disney Princesses were colorized the same way they are colorized in their merchandise?

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how am i supposed to make creative funny text posts when nothing happens in my life at all

you just use a story from sims and pretend it really happened to you

one time i was swimming but the pool ladders disappeared so i couldn’t get out of the pool and i swam for 10 hours then died

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When we live in a world where you can access free content of naked consenting women in less than 5 seconds, why are people still invading the privacy of non-consenting women for nudes?

Hint: It has something to do with people feeling entitled to making any woman their personal porn, even if it violates or humiliates her in the process.

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i am so tired of seeing all of these relatable text posts pasted onto tv show screencaps i need summer to end so some of you dont have the free time to be doing stuff like this anymore


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James C. LewisIcons Of The Bible

The series, which will be fully released in October, features 70 models who identify as either Asian, Native American, Hispanic, African, Middle Eastern, Black American and West Indian.

"I think it is very important to see one’s self in the Scripture so that it may become real in their eyes," Lewis told The Huffington Post. "The whitewashing of the Bible has always bothered me. However I’m happy to now have the opportunity to give a different point of view."

"I wish to exhibit a splash of color onto the biblical pages of history with my creative embellishments. By doing so I hope to open the minds and eyes of the ignorant and create open conversations of how we can learn to see the world through colorful lenses. After all, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is intended for everyone."

For those who’d like to see the entire collection, “Icons Of The Bible” will on display from November 2014 to February 2015 in Atlanta, GA.

-waits for white people to flip shit-

unfing awesome

King David and me have naked things to discuss.

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Emma Watson for Wonderland Magazine by Christian Oita


Emma Watson for Wonderland Magazine by Christian Oita

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